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We don't know why he was so against the Sang-yong case, but we later find out bit by bit.It was hilarious in the beginning when Byung-hoon led Sang-yong astray just so he won't end up with the girl.Byung Hoon tentu saja tidak bilang kalau targetnya itu adalah mantan pacarnya.Akhirnya dengan sangat terpaksa, Byung Hoon menerima Sang Yong sebagai kliennya.Klien tersebut adalah seorang Manager keuangan yang cukup sukses dan ia rela mebayar berapa saja asalkan gadis yang ia taksir bisa jatuh cinta padanya.Masalahnya adalah ternyata gadis yang menjadi targetnya adalah Hee Joong, mantan pacar dari Byung Hoon. Maka dari itu Byung Hoon berusaha untuk menolak projek tersebut dan tentu saja hal itu ditentang oleh anggota yang lain karena alasan yang kurang kuat.We will often then start fantasizing these scenes into our daily lives.

Continuing in my crazy two-review night, I will continue with the romantic comedy, Cyrano Agency.

But you just know that in the end honesty beats the jealous man-rage. Just like probably 90% of romantic stories out there, this movie was quite predictable.

That's what you get when you have a movie with the mainstream appeal. If you want to watch something that's enjoyable without wrapping your head around a complicated plot or complex characters, this movie should do the trick.

The movie did rake in over 2 million tickets, which is quite impressive. The story has its surprises but aren't all too unexpected.

It's light, and funny at times, and overall charming. The actors are charming, and bonus, very pretty and handsome.

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